Q & A (for some questions from outside Japan)


Q: Is it possible to teach my students the motif I purchased and drew?

A: Yes. After applying for registration (free of charge) and obtaining a registration number,

you will be able to teach your students.

You can apply for a motif by email or DM.


Q: Is it possible for my students to register motifs as well?

A: Yes, if the student has already purchased the classroom textbook for that motif from me,

the student can also apply by email or DM.

 (Please purchase the classroom text from me when you teach a student and sell it to that student.

 It is also possible to purchase student textbooks at once when purchasing your motif.)


Q: Is it okay to draw soft pastel motifs using hard pastel instead?

A: If you plan to teach your students the motif, you need to draw it in soft pastel.

(I use Holbain soft pastel, but similar colors of soft pastel from other manufacturers can be substituted.)

If you don't plan to teach anyone, you can draw in hard pastel.


Q: If I want to get the exact same Holbain soft pastel, can I buy it?

A: Please be aware that it will take some time to order.

And if you can pay the pastel set fee + overseas shipping fee, I can prepare a set of 24 soft pastel colors for you.

If you wish, please let me know by email.

(Sorry, I cannot make arrangements for each single color pastel.)


Q: If I want to draw the past motifs of the soft pastel 24-color course, do I have to draw the basic course?

A: If you have already learned the soft pastel 24 color motif (Mayumi Nagata original ) from another teacher, you do not need to draw a basic course.


Q: Is it possible to request a text course for works other than the past motif list?

A: I am very sorry, but I cannot accept any requests for text courses for works other than the motif list.


These are the frequently asked questions and answers.

We hope for your reference.

Thank you very much!